Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Preserve the picture of –
Amazing Antarctica
Gigantic Greenland
And Heavenly

Archive the visuals of –
Vivid Wild Animals
Mesmerizing Mammals
Fabulous Flora and fauna of
Celestial Forests

Capture the moments of –
Ravenous Sharks
Dazzling Dolphins
And astonishing
Aquatic Vertebrates

Save the memories of –
Magical spell of Rains
Stimulating Colours of Seasons
And dramatic layers of
Dawn and Dusk

Retain the portrait of –
Enigmatic Seas
Ravishing Rivers
And mystifying Waterfalls
From hilarious Hillocks

Seize the songs of –
Salient gentle wind
Cryptic Crickets
And entrancing
Feathered Vertebrates

Sooner they extinct
Let the treasure be cherished
By the Generation Next
They bound to miss…
They bound to miss…

Friday, September 11, 2009


O my svelte lass
Yearn to touch
Your lustrous feet
And wish to pass through
Your radiant skin
On winters dawn

O my portrait of heaven
Crave to swallow
Your warmest breath
And wish to follow
Your pleasant odor
Over delightful supper

O my paradise of planet
Eager to feel
Your soft sway of silky hair
And wish to mislay
The seductive argument
On full moon night

O my queen of dreams
Dream to embrace
Your pristine soul
And wish to entwine
Your inner peace
And be enthralled

Saturday, April 25, 2009

An encounter

The sky is all alone and empty
So serene and still
And it’s scorching noon
Why am I eager?
To spot the celestial
Silver clouds
Moving in tune
And the lines of ibis birds
Flying in rhythm

Why did I?
Snatch the book
And turn the pages so hastily
While trying to resist
An intense outburst!

Why am I so restless?
To find the heavenly leaves
Of light green to dun
Dancing in tune with a gentle wind
On a naked tree!

Why am I?
Collecting so hurriedly
I mean, almost breathless
All that junk food at home
And had it all at one go
Later to feel copiously relieved!

Here is
The damn newspaper!
Laying fast asleep
And I wander impolitely
Biting nails with heavy perspiration
Then I tore it, crushed it and threw
It all to dustbin waiting there
And thereafter felt immensely relaxed!

As the intense temper at last
Began to recede hesitantly
The dirty swollen red face
Still groans and moans
To accept the defeat

A bright and soothing twilight
And it’s the time for
Yet another encounter
A pleasing and a graceful mind
Still boasts of a feigned anger